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August Isle

"A beautifully written story, lush as a Florida mangrove... An emotional journey of family, friendship, loss, and healing."


A Junior Library Guild Selection


"A subtly powerful story about acknowledging the past while defining oneself outside of it."

- Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books


Some secrets cast long shadows...

For years, Miranda has stared at postcards of August Isle, Florida. The town her mother spent her summers as a girl. The town Miranda has always ached to visit.

She just never wanted it to happen this way.

When she arrives on the Isle, alone and uncertain, to spend the summer with her mother’s best friend, “Aunt” Clare, Miranda finds a town even more perfect than the one she saw in the postcards. And she finds a friend of her own in Sammy, Aunt Clare’s daughter.

But there is more to August Isle than its bright streets and sandy beaches, and soon Miranda is tangled in a web of mysteries. Noises coming from a haunted lighthouse. An old seafarer with something to hide. A name reaching out from her mother’s shadowy past. As she closes in on answers, Miranda must reckon with the biggest question of all: Is she brave enough to face the truth she might uncover?

Author Ali Standish delivers another mesmerizing and moving story about the secrets we keep, the lies we tell, and the courage it takes to love each other anyway.

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