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The Improbable Tales of Baskerville Hall, Book One

The MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY meets THE ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES in this fantastical series about a secret school for extraordinary children.

Currently in development for TV with Imagine Entertainment

Sold in 25
territories…and counting!

Jacket art © 2023 by Iacopo Bruno
Visual Direction from Laura Mock and Amy Ryan


Early Reviews

"Baskerville Hall [is] right at the top of the most intriguing school list with Hogwarts and The School of Good and Evil.
onor Award-winning author

"A delightful twist on the Sherlock universe. Hand this to any young reader, and watch the pages turn."
- SCOTT REINTGEN, Indie bestselling author of the Talespinners Series

"Baskerville Hall is a bold and thrilling reimagining of Arthur Conan Doyle's early life, filled with students and teachers who the world would later come to know so well, including Dr. Watson, James Moriarty and, of course, Sherlock Holmes."

- The Conan Doyle Estate

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Before there was a man named Sherlock, there was a boy called Arthur…

When young Arthur Conan Doyle is offered a spot at Baskerville Hall, a school for gifted children, he is elated at being given a chance to prove himself. There, Arthur makes friends with Irene Eagle, a girl who boldly strides into action, and Jimmie Moriarty, a boy whose brilliance rivals Arthur’s own. Together, they discover that their new school is a peculiar place, home to remarkable creatures and unexplained explosions.


When the trio are invited into a powerful secret society called the Clover, they must pass three challenging tests to be accepted. But along the way, Arthur uncovers a mystery that will lead to grand adventure . . . and even greater danger.

Do you have what it takes to make it at Baskerville Hall?

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